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NOTICE for educational programs licensed by TDLR:


On September 1, 2017 House Bill 1508 is making it mandatory for any educational program that requires students to have a TDLR license once they begin working to:

(1) Make the students aware of how their criminal history could affect obtaining a TDLR license;

(2) Inform them of any possible local restrictions that could have an effect on license eligibility;

(3) Make students aware of TDLR's guidelines for applicants with a criminal history;

(4) Let every student know that they have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter;

(5) And every student enrolled must be given information regarding these requirements even if they do not have a criminal history.

For more information regarding these changes please click here.

Please contact The Law Offices of J Pete Laney at 512-473-0404 for any TDLR licensing issues.