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Watch out for scam targeting TDLR License Holders


Are you a TDLR license holder? Have you been recently been contacted saying you owe money to TDLR due to a penalty?

If you are a TDLR license holder please be aware of a phone scammer that could be targeting you. Recently there have been reports of a man calling those who have previous TDLR violations and demanding a payment. It has been reported that this man asks for money via Green Dot MoneyPak cards. The scammer may also tell you that he is from the sheriff’s office and needs this payment or your business will be closed.

It is important to remember the following:

• Green Pak Money Cards are not accepted as payment by TDLR.

• If TDLR is requesting you to pay a fine, you will receive a notice via certified mail.

• If TDLR visits your business they will never ask for money or gift cards.

For more information on scams related to TDLR click here.

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