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Inspections for Tow Companies and Vehicle Storage Facilities


Months after Hurricane Harvey, many communities are beginning to rebuild and gain back some normalcy. Since September, TDLR has temporarily suspended their inspections, but as the rebuilding continues, TDLR is returning back to their routine inspections. Beginning on December 1, 2017, TDLR will continue with their regular scheduled inspections of vehicle storage facilities and tow companies. If a location is heavily damaged the inspection may be rescheduled.

While the inspection schedule is resuming, TDLR still has a grace period in effect for late renewals, expired licenses, and free duplicate license replacements.

Further information regarding TDLR and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey can be found here.

If you are an owner of a towing company or vehicle storage facility and have any questions or concerns about your upcoming inspection or the inspection results please call The Law Offices of J Pete Laney at 512-473-0404.