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Scam Targeting Cosmetologists and Barbers in Dallas/Ft. Worth


BEWARE: Cosmetologists and Barbers are being targeted by Scam Artists in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

There is a scammer out there posing as a TDLR employee convincing licencees they have fees owed or are overpaid. The scammer attempts to visit the licensees to resolve the fee.

REMEMBER: Real TDLR inspectors visiting a salon or barber shop CANNOT and WILL NOT:

  • accept payment of license fees;
  • request money for violations; or
  • charge for copies of an inspections.

REAL TDLR inspectors CAN and WILL:

  • introduce themselves;
  • show their State of Texas employee ID card;
  • provide their contact information upon request
  • provide their TDLR business card upon request; and
  • provide a Proof of Inspection report before leaving.

If you have been a victim of the scam or need help with your Cosmetologist or barber license; please consider us theLaw Offices of J Pete Laney.