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Justification for Adopted Amendments to Procedural Rules Of Military Licensing Requirements


The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation (Commission) adopts amendments to existing rules at 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Subchapter C, §60.34; Subchapter K, §§60.500, 60.501, 60.503, 60.504, and 60.510; new rules at Subchapter K, §§60.512, 60.514, and 60.516; and the repeal of existing rules at Subchapter K, §60.520 and §60.521. These adopted amendments, new rules and appeals are related to occupation licensing of military service members, military veterans and military spouses. See Adoption Justification here.

The adopted amendments §§60.34, 60.500, 60.501, 60.503, 60.504, and 60.510 include expanding license requirements, offering new definitions for licensing, expanding late renewal fees and deadline extensions and updating the provisions to allow military service members and military veterans to receive the necessary military credit needed to meet licensing requirements.

New rules §§60.512, 60.514, and 60.516 include expedited alternative licensing requirements for substantially equivalent license, previously held Texas license and demonstration of competency by alternative methods.

Appeal of existing rules §60.520 and §60.521 regard expedited, additional and alternative licensing for military spouses.

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